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abeo partners with brands and retailers to build their CRM database, drive reviews, and influence the path to purchase by creating custom, targeted sampling campaigns across digital channels – from social platforms to digital publications, streaming platforms, and embedded on-site experiences.

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our benchmarks

our campaigns consistently
out-perform industry benchmarks


Average Email Click-Rate (vs. 1.9% Industry Average)



Average Email Open-Rate (vs. 16.7% Industry Average)



Average Brand Opt-in Rate (vs. 21.5% Industry Average)

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why we're different

We are backed by Arcade Beauty’s legacy, offering an end-to-end sampling solution, from sample design and manufacturing to campaign execution, fulfillment and reporting.

We engage and educate your consumers through a thoughtful and strategic email experience that is fueled by data and rooted in consumer behavior.

We are platform agnostic on a global scale, targeting consumers where they’re discovering products - online and across digital platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, and new and unique channels like TikTok and Spotify.

Sampler acquires abeo. Read the press release here.