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In order to grow your business, your brand needs a way to establish your presence in the market and drive product sales. To do so, you need to acquire new consumers and maintain relationships with existing consumers to build loyalty. In the digital age, there are many ways that brands can interact with consumers and influence their decisions a long the path to purchase, but product sampling, above all other tactics has proven time and time again to be the most effective and steadfast approach.

In partnership with Arcade Beauty, we’ve put together this guide to provide you with sampling strategy best practices and considerations to help you build a strategic sampling strategy from inception, including design and manufacturing through to campaign strategy, sample distribution, and reporting.


Inside the guide:

  • Why sampling works
  • How to define your sampling goal
  • Sample design considerations
  • Manufacturing
  • Campaign strategy best practices

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"We keep choosing abeo again and again to partner with for our sampling programs as they not only have capabilities that meet our business needs in a competitive market, but also have an extremely capable team that is a pleasure to work with and stays on top of things. We have had positive experiences through all of our nearly 10 campaigns together, and continue to see the team actively taking feedback into consideration and working to improve the experience not only for our team but for our consumers as well. I highly recommend if you are looking for experts who can customize campaigns to your specific needs and give data-driven recommendations as well."
-Kathleen Meindari
Senior Manager, CRM & Loyalty
IT Cosmetics

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