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Nov 30, 2020


In an industry as high touch as Beauty, product discovery, trial, and connection are paramount on the consumer’s path to purchase. Traditionally, consumers have turned to their favorite publications for product recommendations and conversations around beauty to inform their future purchases. With the disruption of the retail experience, the shift in product discovery from offline to online has accelerated, and yet consumers continue to crave the try-before-you-buy and beauty advisor experience they’re missing in-stores.

86% of consumers still believe sampling is a critical component in their purchase decision and shopping experience (Base Beauty Creative Agency, 2020).

With consumers turning to digital publications for insights on beauty, it comes as no surprise that reading about products sparks curiosity and interest in the brand. In this burgeoning age of digital discovery, there are opportunities for both brands and publishers to benefit from a digital sampling campaign with Abeo.

What’s in it for beauty brands?

Through a publisher partnership, beauty brands have the opportunity to reach a primed and engaged audience that aligns with their desired consumer profile, bringing the retail experience to a trusted digital source.

By tying a digital sampling component into their existing advertising strategy, beauty brands can:

  • Leverage the publication’s qualified audience and target readers who are already coming to the publication for product recommendations
  • Drive more value of out of advertising placements and offer consumers a product experience directly through existing content
  • Cut through the noise of paid media, getting the sample into the right consumers’ hands spurring trial and discussion
  • Collect CRM data for future email marketing and promotions

How do Publishers benefit?

With 87% of shoppers beginning product searches online (Retaildive, 2020), publishers have the unique opportunity to establish their publication as the destination for beauty product education and discovery. By leveraging digital sampling, publishers can enhance the user experience for their readers and offer their advertorial partners additional value.

Bundling a sampling campaign with their existing media offering allows publishers to:

  • Increase ad dollars through sampling campaign placements
  • Offer a digital solution to premium brands for incremental business
  • Bring innovative sampling campaigns to the publishing industry
  • Drive more value out of a product mentions or product features
  • Capture beauty brands ad spend which has been shifting to online channels
  • Offer an opportunity to beauty brands to optimize the ROI of their sampling campaigns

Why partner with Abeo?

We believe that people fall in love with brands that find them at the right time, on the right platform. Our strategic sampling engages consumers where they want to be reached.

We partner with publishers and brands to bring the familiar in-store shopping experience to consumers’ homes, reaching consumers who are already engaged with publications and take them on a fully branded digital journey – educating them on how the product fits into their lifestyle and routines via a frictionless, contact-free sample discovery experience.

Abeo offers a wide range of customized solutions to fit your unique needs, editorial content, and advertorial strategy.

Contact us to find out how we can work together to optimize your current media strategy!

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