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Apple iOs updates part II: audience building and targeting post ATT

Apr 21, 2022


In our blog post, apple ios updates: why do they matter to marketers?, we discussed Apple’s most recent updates and the implementation of ATT (App Tracking Technology). With ATT, Meta ad’s ability to retarget and build audiences was impacted, and now, four months into 2022 and eight months post implementation of ATT,  we have a better understanding of the implications for targeting and how to solve for it.

How ATT affects Meta ad’s targeting

As of February, just 25% of iOs users worldwide and 18% of iOs users in the US have opted-in to app tracking (Flurry). This has caused both a decrease in Meta’s targeting accuracy as they have access to less data than before and a blind spot in campaign reporting for those who have opted-out of tracking. 

Since the vast majority of iOS users are opting-out of app tracking, this means the available pool of retargeting audiences based on pixel data will be a lot smaller. For example, if you wanted to retarget visitors to your website, you’ve lost most of your ability to know who a website visitor is on Facebook and Instagram. Or, if you build a lookalike audience off of return visitors to your website, you’re already starting from a partial view of “who” a return visitor really is, which can ultimately lead to low audience quality and therefore poor ad performance.

Digital sampling as a solution

However, lookalike audiences built on first-party data are not as affected as those based on pixel data. All of the first-party data that users provide to Meta is still fair game as far as targeting. 

So, the question that remains is how can brands efficiently collect first-party data to help build these lookalike audiences? This could include, for example, using a list of existing consumers or previous sampling campaign participants to build your lookalikes off of.  

abeo’s digital sampling campaigns help brands collect first-party data from consumers in exchange for a free sample to help build their target audiences, while providing the opportunity for brands to leverage this data campaign-over-campaign. Our solutions are positioned to qualify something about an audience-whether that be basic demographics or more specific attributes such as hair type, skin type, product preferences and more through the inclusion of quizzes and survey questions.

quiz journey that matches consumer with a product based on their responses

abeo can also capture in-market consumers, such as website visitors, through strategically and contextually placed sample offers embedded directly into the site experience, or followers of a relevant influencer, by integrating a sample offer into the influencer’s social post or story.

abeo’s gift-a-friend email add-on, which allows highly engaged sample campaign participants to share the sample offer with a friend, also fuels additional first-party data acquisition that brands used to count on Meta for. 

Read more about some of our latest product solutions here.

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