campaign execution

design + build

We work directly with your team through each step in the process to ensure your campaign is fully customized. Our team manages campaign template design + build and provides support for ad and analytics integration and launch.

campaign monitoring

We monitor campaign performance and make optimizations in real time.

consumer engagement

We work with your team to create a fully branded and customized email experience utilizing your brand guidelines, fonts, and assets, while keeping your objectives at the forefront. Through a series of strategic emails deployed post sample redemption, we focus on welcoming consumers to the brand, building education, and driving behaviors.
Our optional email modules are flexible and engage consumers with actionable calls-to-action—whether that is to generate reviews, drive to full-size purchase, or create brand awareness.

We have an in-house customer service team ready to respond to any and all campaign consumer inquiries such as shipping updates, sample replacements, and general feedback. 


Our fulfillment partners are some of the best in the world and we work with them to deliver quality service based on location, sample strategy, and a client or brand’s budget.

how we manage sample shipments

At abeo we manage the fulfillment process end-to-end. Once the campaign has ended, consumer data is sent to our US or EU fulfillment partner facilities, where mailing addresses are validated, and samples are packed and labeled to be routed. Samples are delivered by USPS within standard mailing time. We provide customer service throughout the campaign’s duration.
Each partner has been vetted and passed an assessment to ensure their data policies, process, technology is up-to-date, and values align with abeo’s team mission.

need to produce samples for your product?

No problem. abeo is backed by Arcade Beauty, the global industry leader in sampling solutions. With over a century of expertise and 50+ patented sampling technologies, Arcade Beauty designs and delivers custom, innovative and effective sample packaging for brands worldwide. Find the perfect sampling solution for your brand by visiting


solutions & services


campaign development

Our team works with your brand to co-create a campaign based on your objectives and KPIs.


campaign execution

We manage the process end-to-end, from campaign set-up and monitoring, to consumer engagement, and fulfillment of the samples.



We provide your team with a robust wrap-up report post campaign.

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Sampler acquires abeo. Read the press release here.