multi-channel luxury fragrance campaign

A leading women’s press brand partnered with abeo to activate a multi-channel sampling campaign to drive awareness, new consumer acquisition, and review generation for their luxury brand partner.

the challenge

A leading women’s press brand was looking to grow their french readership list as well as provide their luxury brand partner with an enhanced digital media offering to help them achieve brand awareness, new consumer acquisition, and review generation.

the solution

abeo partnered with the magazine to allow the luxury brand the ability to offer a premium fragrance sampling experience directly through an on-site product recommendation article. The campaign was multi-channel, driving readers to the article from the publication’s instagram and facebook (both paid and organic) as well as display and native ads. Through the article, the publication drove sample redemptions from 30k consumers, collecting opt-ins for both the publication and brand, and ultimately driving product reviews through the brands’ BazaarVoice account.

the campaign

Once readers were directed to the product article from the various advertisements, they had to read through the article to reach the sample form, which was strategically placed at the bottom of the page. This organically prompted signups from readers who were genuinely interested in the product. Further, the form allowed consumers to enter their information and opt-in for future marketing without leaving the publication and interrupting their site experience.

In order to avoid unqualified consumers from redeeming the sample, abeo enlisted gating tactics to block sharing of the sample offer and redeemers from sources outside the campaign. To aid in those efforts, abeo also conducted data cleansing to ensure samples were dispatched to eligible audiences only.

post-trial engagement

Once consumers submitted their sample request, abeo deployed an engaging email experience on behalf of the brand.

email 1 | welcome/ order confirmation: the brand thanked consumers for their order and drove them to the fragrance product page to discover more about the brand and product.

email 2 | education/shipping: consumers were notified that their sample was on the way and given additional details about the product they were about to receive to build excitement for the sample experience.

email 3 | conversion: In line with the brands’ goals, the third and final email encouraged consumers to share their sample experience in the form of a product review.

the results


average open-rate

vs. 19% EU industry average


average click-rate

vs. 2.7% EU industry average


press brands' opt-in rate

vs. 21.5% EU industry average

Overall, the campaign successfully achieved the primary goals of generating brand awareness and driving new consumer acquisition.

The campaign was hugely successful in growing both the publication and the brand’s CRM list, adding 39,884 new consumers to the publication’s database and 46,779 to the brand’s database for future communications.

With an average open-rate of 52.03% and an average click-rate of 5.31% across the campaign emails, the campaign experienced high engagement, demonstrating that consumers were well nurtured by the campaign.

The conversion email successfully drove product reviews for the brand, with a 12.24% click-rate to leave a review, 4.5X the industry average!

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