IT Cosmetics

IT Cosmetics drove awareness, trial, and purchase intent for their #1 best-selling product, CC+ Cream with SPF 50+.

the challenge

IT Cosmetics was looking to leverage samples of their #1 best-selling product, CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ to drive new consumer acquisition.

the solution

IT Cosmetics partnered with abeo to distribute 38,000 samples to target users on Instagram and Facebook through the in-platform lead ad. abeo seamlessly collected consumer data and insights, brand opt-ins, and managed fulfillment and shipping of the samples.

the campaign

In partnership with IT Cosmetics’ agency, the campaign reached targeted consumers on Instagram and Facebook with a free sample offer. Following sample redemption, abeo deployed an email campaign designed to meet IT Cosmetics’ specific goals:

email 1 | welcome/order confirmation:  drove to a video featuring a consumer’s product experience, framing a positive introduction to the brand and product.

email 2 | education/shipping:  included instructions on how to use the sample, driving to the product page for further information. The addition of a real consumer review built excitement for the sample arrival.

email 3 | primary conversion: post sample trial, we thanked the consumer for their participation with an exclusive offer, influencing full-size purchase.

email 4 | secondary conversion: consumers who were highly engaged received an email measuring their interest in purchasing the full-size product and reminding them to redeem their exclusive offer.

the results


average click-rate

vs. 1.9% industry average


average open-rate

vs. 16.7% industry average


opt-in rate

vs. 21.5% industry average

The sampling campaign was successful in driving new consumer acquisition, adding 25,827 consumer contacts to the IT Cosmetics CRM database for further brand communications.

The campaign generated 1,802,574 impressions on Instagram and Facebook and was successful in driving quality engagement with consumers and creating significant consideration from target demographics.

4.19% click-rate to video

Consumers demonstrated an interest in the product by clicking through to watch the welcome email video.

3.41% click-rate to the PDP

The 'how to use’ content spurred consumers curiosity, driving engagement to learn more.

64% intent to purchase

64% of consumers that engaged with the buyer’s intent module indicated that they would purchase the-full size product.

kind words

“We keep choosing abeo again and again to partner with for our sampling programs as they not only have capabilities that meet our business needs in a competitive market, but also have an extremely capable team that is a pleasure to work with and stays on top of things. We have had positive experiences through all of our nearly 10 campaigns together, and continue to see the team actively taking feedback into consideration and working to improve the experience not only for our team but for our consumers as well. I highly recommend if you are looking for experts who can customize campaigns to your specific needs and give data-driven recommendations as well”

-Kathleen Meinardi
Senior Manager, CRM & Loyalty
IT Cosmetics 

social ad

lead ad form

terms & conditions

welcome email

education & shipping email

primary conversion email

secondary conversion email

Next up

multi-channel luxury fragrance campaign

A leading women’s press brand partnered with abeo to activate a multi-channel sampling campaign to drive awareness, new consumer acquisition, and review generation for their luxury brand partner.

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