An innovative, global British skincare brand with over 30 years of expertise, Elemis delivers feel-good products combined with cutting-edge patented technology for high-impact results.


Founded as a small boutique brand in 1990, Elemis is now the largest beauty and skincare company in the U.K. The brand needed a strategic partner to help them expand into key U.S. markets.


Abeo helped Elemis target the audience most likely to make a purchase and deployed a multi-product sampling campaign. A custom interactive quiz drove engagement, matching users with one of 4 product options.


The quiz saw a phenomenal 94% completion rate, while targeted emails drove an 87% landing page conversion rate. Meanwhile, 10,760 users opted in for future marketing.


Landing Page Conversion


Users engaged with the quiz from start to finish


Consumers opt-ed in for future marketing

Social Ad

Product Quiz Step 1

Product Quiz Step 2

Product Match

Quiz Results Landing Page

Confirmation Email

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e.l.f. (Eyes Lip Face) is a US-based high-quality cosmetics brand that boasts 100% vegan and cruelty-free formulas.

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