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Seasonality and the Beauty Shopper

Jul 21, 2021


Each year, regardless of trends, marketers can count on one thing – consumers’ routines will change with the seasons, in turn affecting their shopping behaviors. This is particularly true for beauty, haircare, and skincare consumers. 

How does Seasonality Affect Consumer Shopping Behaviors?

Seasonality is not a new concept. For beauty brands, seasonality has long meant introducing new scents or colors in line with seasonal trends. The rise of product discovery and education online has given seasonality a new meaning. Consumers have become more aware of and interested in how the change in weather and their environment affects their skin, hair, and emotional well-being. There is now a focus on finding functional products that help combat the effects of the changing environment on both consumers’ cosmetic and emotional state. 

Each season comes with it’s own cosmetic concerns, and consumers will be searching for customized solutions to their seasonal needs resulting in shopping behavior shifts in a multitude of categories within the beauty, haircare, and personal care space. 

With this in mind, brands can count on consumers to be on the lookout for new, seasonally appropriate products in preparation for the change in seasons and should be prepared to engage and educate them.

How can brands prepare for seasonal shopping shifts?

  1. Promote your hero sku’s. Brands can promote hero sku’s with new, seasonally appropriate messaging that speaks to changes in the weather and how their product combats the effects of these changes on consumers skin, hair, or overall well-being.
  2. Educate consumers about your seasonal products. Encourage sales beyond your best-sellers by promoting products in line with consumers’ seasonal needs. Try promoting across the channels that consumers turn to most for product discovery and education. For example, brands can leverage the digital publication consumers turn to for product recommendations or through the newest channel for product discovery – TikTok.
  3. Activate a digital sampling campaign. Brands can maximize product sales by activating a sampling campaign ahead of these seasonal routine changes. Through a sampling campaign, you can reach targeted consumers who are in the discovery mindset and drive brand and product awareness, trial and education, and prime consumers for purchases. Furthermore, a sampling campaign can generate fresh reviews.

Abeo can help brands offer consumers a personalized sampling experience to match them with a product that’s right for their seasonal concerns. For more information on a seasonal digital sampling campaign contact our team!


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