product innovation:
harnessing the power of personalization

Sep 16, 2021

Consumers’ expectations for online experiences are on the rise. Brand’s and Retailers alike need to evolve their online experiences to meet the changing needs of consumers and replicate the high-touch world of in-store shopping. Successful personalization programs equals engaged consumers – from live chats and product recommendations, to product quizzes, and virtual try-on. The key to conversion, and ultimately, loyalty is leveraging these personalized online experiences to learn more about your consumers to provide recommendations and make them feel valued and understood.

At abeo, we are in-tune with ever-changing consumer expectations and shopping behaviors; we are consistently evolving our capabilities to help our partners leverage samples to spread awareness, build their CRM database, and drive behaviors such as  conversion. 

elevate your online brand experience with one of abeo’s new digital sampling integrations

Our new capabilities go beyond traditional digital sampling to bring consumers personalized brand experiences that build education, drive engagement, and foster loyalty.

Introducing – curated collection

Engage targeted consumers through personalization & the power of choice.

This journey takes consumers through a series of questions to match them with a collection of products, giving them the opportunity to sample a full regimen within their diagnostic profile. Option to allow consumers to either complete their collection with an additional sample of their choosing or to select from an offering of alternative sample collections.

Introducing – on-site experience

Further engage and educate consumers that are in the consideration phase

Integrate our sample redemption form into an existing on-site brand experience; like a virtual-try on shade finder, a regimen builder, or a product recommendation quiz. Once consumers receive their results, those who are not ready to make a purchase can opt to sample the product or regimen via a prominent CTA button, without leaving the brand site.

Introducing – virtual try-on

Delight consumers on any channel with a virtual trial experience

In partnership with Perfect Corp., abeo can help brands reach targeted consumers on any platform and offer them a virtual try-on experience via our campaign landing page. Once consumers have identified their shade, they can opt to receive a free sample.

Introducing – gift-a-friend email campaign add on

Increase reach, maximize media spend, and reward engaged consumers

 Each of our digital sampling campaigns includes a thoughtful and strategic email program. Expand awareness and reach of your abeo sampling campaign by sending an additional email that offers highly engaged campaign participants the opportunity to share the sample with a friend post-trial.

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