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Mar 29, 2021

Across industries, from Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) to Beauty and Personal Care, the best marketers know that the strongest tool in their kit is sampling. A traditional sampling campaign places products directly into consumers hands to drive trial, but a digital sampling campaign allows marketers to re-engage consumers post-trial, track engagement, and drive behaviors like review generation and path to purchase. Abeo’s digital sampling campaigns help brands build a relationship with their target consumers outside of the store, as well as provide opportunities for marketers to track the success of their campaigns.

With the digital world comes a unique set of challenges for products which have traditionally been tested and purchased in-person. With Abeo’s portfolio of digital solutions, brands have the ability to meet consumers wherever they are. We offer best-in-class turnkey, customizable sampling solutions for brands seeking to target new and high-value consumers as well as activate and grow their existing consumer base.

Abeo Digital Solutions

Abeo continues to evolve our capabilities based on industry trends, client feedback, and consumer behavior. We help brands reach and engage consumers where they discover products – online and across platforms. Abeo campaigns can be activated through social platforms, digital publications, and streaming platforms. Our vast offering helps brands customize their sampling campaigns and allows them to strategically allocate samples and test new audiences on Facebook and Instagram, and new and unique channels like TikTok and Spotify.

Abeo can help your brand activate a campaign on the platform best suited for your goals and target audience.

One of the most important aspects of a successful digital sampling campaign is reaching your true consumer or target audience on the platform where they spend their time most.

Abeo Consumer Journeys

Based on your campaign and brand goals, Abeo has various customizable journey solutions to fit your goals and KPIs.

Single Product Journey: Great for brand awareness, with the ability to build education into post-trial communication.

Multi-Product Journey: Provides consumers the option to select which sample they’d like to receive – empowering the consumer and helping your brand understand gateway products and purchase intent.

Diagnostic Quiz Journey: Our skincare quiz and shade finder match consumers with a product that is right for them, creating a more personalized experience that drives product education.

Abeo Post-Trial

A key element of an Abeo digital sampling campaign is continuing to engage with consumers post-trial. Each Abeo journey is accompanied by emails that can be customized based on campaign objectives and available brand assets and are meant to drive education and behaviors like review generation and path to purchase.

We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can adapt our solution to meet your consumers where they live. We treat our clients’ challenges and goals as our own.

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