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Holiday Shopper Insights You Need to Know

Aug 31, 2021


At abeo, we understand that consumer shopping behavior has changed significantly, and let’s face it, we can no longer rely on consumer shopping insights of past years to inform our holiday marketing strategy. Last holiday season was different and this year is predicted to follow suit. With the rise of eCommerce and the addition of buy-online/pick up in-store, virtual try-on, and curbside pick up, consumers have evolved to shop anytime, anywhere and expect a seamless omni-channel shopping experience from brands and retailers. With this in mind, abeo gathered consumer shopper insights and 2021 shopping predictions to help inform your 2021 holiday strategy. 

Here’s what we learned…

Start early

Holiday shopping will begin earlier than ever. Kick-off your holiday messaging in early October to get your product in front of consumers in time to influence their purchase decisions. 

Utilize digital channels to reach consumers where they discover products

Regardless of whether consumers plan to ultimately make their purchases in-store or online, over half of consumers begin their product research online. Brands and retailers will need to elevate their online shopping experience to match what they used to offer in-store.


Curate emails that build brand education and drive a clear call-to-action

Capture consumers interest when they’re most likely to engage with brand emails. Leverage this increase in eyeballs on your emails to inform your audience about upcoming holiday launches and promotions to prime them for gift purchases.

Digital Sampling: Manage product discovery for online shoppers

In the months leading up to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the end of year holidays, consumers are bombarded with holiday marketing across channels. Whether your brand will be launching a new product or promoting a hero sku this season, upgrading your digital media campaign with a sampling offer can help cut through the noise of holiday marketing and seasonal product launches and grab consumers attention, enticing them to try your product. 

Sampling not only presents a great experience for consumers, but helps your brand spread awareness, generate fresh reviews to instill buyer confidence ahead of holiday purchase decisions, and influence consumers’ path to purchase, whether they’re adding your product to their wishlist or purchasing for a loved one.  

In a season when marketing spend is high and discounts are expected, digital sampling offers a low CPA compared to advertising alternatives.

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