Sampling Campaigns:
What You Need to Know

May 18, 2021


The relationship between Retailers and Brands is a mutually-beneficial partnership with a common goal – to drive sales. With the unyielding growth of digital, new ways in which Brands and Retailers can come together to reach this goal and influence the path to purchase have emerged online.

The traditional co-op advertising model has begun to transition to digital channels to match other areas of marketing investments, and is opening up a $42 billion opportunity—one in which Retailers can grow personalized display budgets, brands can reach their target audiences by leveraging the retailers’ first-party data (Epsilon), and Retailers can implement co-op sampling campaigns across digital channels to reach highly targeted new consumers and increase sales for both themselves and their partners.

Like traditional co-op advertising, a co-op digital sampling campaign is a cost-effective way for Brands and Retailers to better reach their shared target consumers and place products directly into their hands for trial. Ultimately this drives mutually beneficial behaviors like review generation and purchases, capturing shopper data and insights, and informing future marketing initiatives.

A co-op digital sampling campaign brings the familiar in-store sampling experience online and directly to consumers – allowing them to discover and try new products from home and facilitating trial and discussion – the two biggest drivers for new product purchase.

For Brands, a co-op sampling campaign can improve reach and connect with new consumers, while providing value to their retail partners by driving traffic, generating reviews, and influencing conversions on the Retailer’s site.

For Retailers, a co-op sampling campaign allows them to offer a premium experience to their brand partners, and can help spread awareness, grow their CRM, boost sales, and build loyalty and advocacy. The insights and consumer feedback from a digital sampling campaign can help retailers understand their true consumer, where they need to pivot their partnership priorities, and in-turn optimize future marketing initiatives.

Are you a Brand or Retailer interested in a co-op digital sampling campaign? Contact us to learn about our existing retailer partnerships or how we can partner together!

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